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Our clients report feeling frustrated, yo-yo dieted for years and ashamed of their body. When you feel you have tried everything and nothing changes it can be truly demotivating...

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Our Promise to you

- You will never feel the need to go on a diet again! - You will ooze confidence with your goals! - You will finally start to relax around food and social engagements. -You will stop using 'time' as an excuse!

These are the things our clients have told us….the other stuff you keep private! πŸ˜‰ You see we aren’t interested in giving average results. We want EXTRAORDINARY results.
Results that are life changing and LONG term.

Let's Get Personal wit EN3Perform

We want to make a difference. We want your smile and your attitude to be contagious. This is what we mean by TRANSFORM. The main thing that our clients say once they start working with us is, β€œI can't believe I haven't done this sooner!” Embrace change! Act now.

Personal Training

All of our sessions are conducted online. Face to face sessions can be arranged exclusively in Cheshire and Edinburgh area ONLY.

Personal Training with EN3Perform

How online sessions work?​

All Mindset and Nutrition Coaching sessions are brought to you either voice or video call.
Personal Training sessions are conducted via video call only.
You can take us anywhere, home, park or even on a work trip!
Equipment or not you will have a great workout.

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