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Deniz Mustard

Fitness Coach

 Deniz has over 18 years experience and her passion for helping people achieve their goals continues to grow. Her background extends from Powerlifting (competing at a World level) to rehabilitation. During her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and coming up with recipes for everyone to enjoy.

Ayla Akin, Co-Founder of EN3Perform

Ayla Akin

Nutritional Coach and Yoga Instructor

Ayla has been working as a personal trainer for almost 15 years. She loves to inspire her clients by running online sessions and workshops. Ayla, a certified yoga teacher loves to integrate mindfulness techniques within her coaching sessions to enhance one’s lifestyle and weight loss goals. When she is not coaching, Ayla can be found exploring different parts of the world with her kiwi fiance.

Ayla, Co-Founder

‘There are thousands of different plans you can buy online telling you to eat this or train like that.  Knowing what to do isn’t the biggest issue.  The issue is getting people to actually do it and continue to do it consistently to see the results.  This is where we differ from other programes.  We advise our clients on best eating and training practicies but we also take time to coach our clients to make these changes.  Otherwise its just too overwhelming! We just make things as easy and as fun as possible!’
Ayla Akin, Co-founder of EN3Perform

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We believe with the right guidance using the key 3 principles you can achieve success.

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